RTFO Bandwagon – “New Jack” 7″ preorder

Dull Knife records has a sweet pre-order that was just put up moments ago.  They are currently taking pre-orders for the first RTFO Bandwagon 7″, with the first 50 orders receiving a “special edition”, and the pressing being very small at 300 copies total, you are going to need to hustle on this one. This band features Rich from Psychedelic Horseshit on drums, and are from the musical powderkeg of Columbus, Ohio.

While you are at it, order the Hearts of Animals 7″ from them too. It is good.


One thought on “RTFO Bandwagon – “New Jack” 7″ preorder

  1. I mean what am I saving money for anyway? I could be hit by a bus tomorrow crossing the street right? Maybe all these singles will someday make a nice bed in the alley. But it could be worse…I could collect classic cars or something, at least I should be able to pay the electric bills….or buy a hand crank record player…do they even make that.
    I blame you.

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