Blank Dogs – “On Two Sides” LP + Cassette

Even though this falls outside of the formats I usually cover, I figured I would make an exception due to the number of people who end up here looking for Blank Dogs releases.

First up, Troubleman has the vinyl edition:
“On Two Sides” LP (200 on color, 800 on black)
“On Two Sides” Special Edition (100 copies: Comes with a bonus tape of exclusive material and hand screened recycled gatefold covers – on exclusive white wax. This sold out overnight, but I was lucky enough to score #17!).

Fuck-it Tapes has the album out on limited edition on cassette.

While you are waiting for the mail, Mr. Blank Dogs has already uploaded the whole album (as well as everything he has released thus far) on his blog (Blank Dogs: “On Two Sides”), which is pretty great if you think about it. How many musicians admit to themselves that people are going to download their music without paying, and beat them to the punch? Considering the fact that the special edition sold out overnight (and I believe that the whole album has been uploaded for a couple of weeks already), it seems as if people will still pay for scarcity.


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