The Barcelona Chair – “…” One-Sided 12″

a1: Destroy This Night
a2: Sunday Comedown
a3: Young Shields
a4: Little Odessa
Label: Self Released
Purchase/Listen: Myspace

I think this is the first piece of music that I have listened to, and immediately made me want to go furniture shopping. This, being a sweet, one-sided slab of clear green vinyl has plenty of room for art on the other-side (which houses a giant drawing of… a barcelona chair). I have a serious artifact fetish happening here. It doesn’t help that the music is really nice to listen to. A real change of pace for me here at Seven Ten Twelve HQ: pretty, post-rock that reminds me of other post-rock bands, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with a band drawing inside the lines within a genre – The Barcelona Chair do this musical strata proud, and any fans of Jesu, Mogwai or Godspeed, or perhaps the lofiness of South Pacific – would take an instant liking to this record. That said, if you are resistant (or sick of) post-rock, this isn’t going to convert you. I really like the intimate recording nature of this recording – it was done in an apartment, and has that “can’t play too loud so we don’t disturb the neighbours” feel to it – something that I can relate to. This is a record you will want to listen to at night, because it sounds like the night – calm (up until the last act), desolate, and pretty.


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