Black Bug – “I Don’t Like You” 7″

Black Bug
a: I Don’t Like You
b: You a Grave

Label: AVANT! / Disordered
Listen: Myspace
Buy: FDH Records  / Rocket Reducer

Parts of me really like how fucked this Black Bug stuff sounds- it has your classic synth-on-destruction settings, with some serious distorted female vocalist losing her shit. Other parts of me are kind of turned off by the atonal-ness of this, which sometimes is a plus for me, and sometimes isn’t. Who is to say. It is hard to pinpoint where that line is, and to their credit Black Bug walk the atonality like a tightrope. I find myself being drawn in after spending time on their Myspace page with all of their songs – and I think this band has some serious potential, having many songs up right now that I like more than what is on this single (listen to “Life is a Whore” or “Billy Montana” for a good example).

Limited to 250 copies on clear vinyl – which is a pretty short run, and I think the potential for this band in the future makes this a “must.” The Black Bug aren’t going to go down easy – this is as challenging as punk gets.

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