The World is Lousy With Ideas Volume 1 7″

a1: Home Blitz – Thin Ice (listen)
a2: Boys Club – Gotta Get Right (listen)
b1: Nothing People – Its Not Your Speakers (listen)

Out of Print (though it looks like Goner might have some copies).The World’s Lousy With Ideas Vol 1

I will be covering this series this week (assuming I get volume 2 and 4 in the mail), but don’t wait for me; time to start tracking these down as soon as possible, because the first two (vol 1 and 3) are out of print already. As a document to what is happening right now in the underground, these comps are unparalleled. Also, each volume has numerous sleeve variations (the one I got has some weird alien/lesbian porn scene).

Home Blitz’s “Thin Ice” is an early punk rock styled number, with punk styled punk guitar solo’s falling all over themselves for short bursts of punk filled mayhem. Lo-fi as fuck, punk as fuck; _________ as fuck.

Boys Club’s “Gotta Get Right” is so lo-fi that it is barely there, but as with all of the lofi greats have shown, production means nothing when the songs are there. This is pop music for the deranged.

Nothing People’s “Its Not Your Speakers” actually turns out to be my favourite NP song yet, though maybe that has more to do with this song sounding like a more-lo-fi early Jesus and Mary Chain, with the repeating drum machine, the swirling electronix and the “couldn’t give a fuck” vocal delivery. This song is so fucking good.


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