Box Elders – Hole in My Head 7″

a1: Hole in My Head
a2: One Foot In Front of the Other
b1: 2012
b2: S&M Party (Redd Kross)

Purchase and Listen at Box Elders’ Myspace

Box Elders 7″

With a band like the Box Elders, the only thing I can reall talk about is the quality of the songs. Forget the authenticity, forget how nicely this has been recording and forget how great the sleeve it is (hand silk screened no less). Forget all of that, and go to the Myspace page and listen to “Hole in My Head.”

Lets talk about how good that song is for a second. I can guarantee that you will be unable to find a (new) song today that will treat your ears as well. The song is just so right.  In the continual act of seeking out obscure records and weird bands, we forget about the most important part of it all – the songs.

Three originals (the amazing “Hole in My Head,” the privative proto-punk stylings of “One Foot in Front of the Other,” and the driving “2012”) are paired with a wonderful Redd Kross cover (“S&M Party”), done in a way that it feels at home with the original numbers. I know that I say this often (mostly when it is true), but I think this is one to track down. There are so many bands attempting to do this sound, and so few of them get it this right. This sounds like something that John Peel would have liked, and if he was still alive, I can imagine that he would have added this 7″ to his box of favourite records.


4 thoughts on “Box Elders – Hole in My Head 7″

  1. While we love early Pavement, my brother and I named the band after the bugs that infested the house we grew up in. We still have a snare drum with about 100 dead Box Elder bugs in it. Thanks for the nice review.

  2. ordered. i just sent them my hard earned cash. this sounds awesome. i will try and catch them live when they come to LA.

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