The King Khan & BBQ Show – Teabag Party 7″

a1:Teabag Party
a2:Larry Is A Gay Blade
b1:Teenage Foetus
b2:What’s Mine Is Yours
b3:Gangbang Gordon
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Purchase from Goner
Tea Bag Party

So this is my first real introduction to The King Khan and BBQ Show, and the only word I could use to describe this listening experience is “delightful.” When “Teabag Party’ started, the first response was actually laughter. I guess I still haven’t grown up past the whole “heh heh, this song is about sticking your balls in someone’s face.” What can you do? B-side is pretty fucking solid: “Teenage Foetus” is as authentic as a garage song in 2008 could ever hope to be. “What’s Mine is Yours” sounds as authentic as a 50’s styled do-wop song could ever sound in 2008. Both sides end with the same thirteen second long song with different words, one about this guy named Larry who is apparently a “Gay Blade;” the other is about eating the internal organs of one “Gangbang Gordon.” Loving this.


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