Them, Themselves or They – Angel Dust & Magick Wands 7″

a: Sunshine
b: Waltz of the Turquoise Turtle
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Them Themselves or They
(Really need to get a scanner)

Its weird when Jason posts something at Seven Inches (Everyday), I always hesitate posting the same thing, or at least right away. He just posted about this Them, Themselves or They 7″ only yesterday, which happens to be exactly when I got the record in the mail. So I was thinking “hold off;” and then I put it on, and I got really excited about it, and am now posting about it anyways. I am sure the inner psyche of the blogging record collector is really interesting to you, no? Ok, lets move on then.

Malt Duck Records is now two singles deep into their catalog, and I am going to tell you now that this is one of those labels that you are going to have to start following. Their first single was released last year, Mattress “In Your Pocket” should have made it onto my year end list (kind of an oversight on my part), and as good as it was, this new one ups the ante a little.

Them, Themselves or They’s Angel Dust & Magick Wands 7″ starts off nicely with a side of weirdness that always stays grounded (as in, it never really shakes the groove it is in), and instead tries to fill in the haunting soundscape with strange noises and whatnot. B-side is even more mellow, and the comparison I read on Seven Inches that it sounds like a less precise Wooden Shjips is dead on here.


2 thoughts on “Them, Themselves or They – Angel Dust & Magick Wands 7″

  1. Hey, thanks, I do the same thing, I had a no age post all ready and then you rocked it. It’s great, and hey this is a great label and seven inch.

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