Thomas Function – Singles (+ another Contest!)

The Insignificants 7″
a: The Insignificants
b1: Blue and Green
b2: Conspiracy of Praise
Purchase from Tic Tac Totally
Thomas Function 1

Relentless Machines 7″
a: Relentless Machines
b: Blasphemer’s Reunion
Purchase from Dusty Medical Records

Thomas Function

Both of these records came to me recently in a big package from the amazing and awesome Bistro Distro, and even though The Insignificants 7″ has been out since 2006 (and the Relentless Machines 7″ since last year), these are revolutionary to me in my living room, right now. Thomas Function are really fucking great, with a really cohesive full sound of bashed out keys, swirly whirl guitars, some nice, competant/clockwork drumming. Then the vocals start, and you get a sense of why Thomas Function are doing something special here – great, off kilter vocals reminicent of lots of other great off kilter vocals, but with vocal hooks all over the place. Relentless Machines 7″ is a solid progression in terms of sound and quality and fucking awesomeness. Really looking forward to the LP, which will be a no-brainer. Yes, you need these.

I did some random ordering from random places last month, and accidentally ordered two copies of Relentless Machines from two different places. So, lets do another contest: email me before this Sunday and I will randomly draw for my extra one.


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