Pre-Orders and Other Things You Should Know About

A whole rash of imited edition style releases that warrant a Saturday post.

Shearing Pinx

At Divorce Records, you can pre-order the Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″, which isn’t due until April. Why pre-order? The first 50 will be a special hand-screened design. The other 394 will be factory printed (444 total). I was talking to Divorce a couple of days ago about this release, and there isn’t art or a place to buy it on their website yet, but if you email Darcy at, you can reserve one.

I have been meaning to write about the split / Mutators 12″, which has been in high rotation around here, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Almost Ready

Volume 2 and 4 of Almost Ready’s World’s Lousy 7″ compilation series are ready for pre-order: both 7″s are $12 ppd in the USA/$14to Canada/and $17 overseas. Volume 2 features Lady Doctors, Black Orphan, Factums, The Pink Noise, while volume 4 features Touched, Coconut Coolouts, El Vicio, Fag Cop. To pre-order, paypal:

Shit EagleMentholsElectric Bunnies

Finally, this trio of “first 100 on coloured vinyl” singles from Shit Eagle (gold), Menthols (blue), and The Electric Bunnies (white w/ silk screened covers) is now out from Florida’s Dying, one of my favourite labels right now. This shit is going to be highly collectible, but more than that: this shit is going to be pleasing to your ears.


One thought on “Pre-Orders and Other Things You Should Know About

  1. Wow, thanks for the Divorce post, I reserved my copy. Completely off my radar, thanks. I saw Times New Viking this weekend, awesome awesome shit.

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