Electric Vomit – No End 7″

a: No End
b1: Treasure Hunt
b2: Boredom Abolishing
Listen and Order from GARBAGE BAG

Electric Vomit

This 7″ comes from a new Quebec label, Garbage Bag, and features 3 songs from the legendary Electric Vomit, a Montreal band coming out of the first wave of punk in the late 1970’s. This music is clearly rooted in its era, yet I think that it still sounds vital and raw as it did back when it was recorded. This will please those of you who are into the Killed By Death stuff (KBD). I am really excited to hear more from this label (who are set to specialize in first and second wave punk releases (fuck yes). Highly recommended.

From Garbage Bag

Formed in 1978 by acclaimed underground cartoonist Rick Trembles as a young teen, The Electric Vomit were one of the very few bands in Montreal to come out of the first wave of punk rock in the late 70’s. Due to a lack of record labels and a widespread disinterest for punk rock in the area, the band never got much of a chance to spread the word, let alone release any recordings of their music. But now for the first time ever you can hear what was one of the rawest, fastest and most obnoxious bands in Montreal back in the day. The Electric Vomit were known for their garage approach to song-writing & lo-fi live stage theatricalities geared to repulse. These 3 extremely rare studio recordings were committed to reel-to-reel in 1979 featuring Rabid Roy Random’s amazingly snotty vocals, Rick Trembles on guitar, Guy Lapointe on drums, and Carlos Soria on bass (who would later joined his little brother’s renowned band The Nils). This record is sure to please fans of both traditional punk and hardcore as this band is the missing link between the sound of ’77 and early thrash. Pretty fast for it’s era, you could even call it proto-hardcore. 100% raw KBD (Killed By Death) material. Includes full lyrics & an anecdotal band bio written by Trembles.

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