Diet Cola – Early Learning 7″

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Diet Cola Early Learning 7″

This is Josh from Deerhunter/SIDS, releasing this on his own label Army of Bad Luck. My ears are finding this to be crazy good – especially “Early Learning” and “Anything Poisonous,” which are spastic, super short, synth driven, electro-punk songs. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl, you are into this because of the music, but you want this because of the packaging, which is really something – silk-screened on metallic paper. As a bonus, it comes with a CD of the songs (which I wish more labels would do – I am willing to pay an extra dollar or two if it comes with the songs on CD for easy ripping). This is highly recommended.

One thought on “Diet Cola – Early Learning 7″

  1. What???!!! I didn’t know that was the same guy and now this? This 7″ is a find, amazing. Can’t wait to get this. I have every SIDS 7″, they are all amazing, but I didn’t know he was from deerhunter…crazy. Why don’t I have more money?

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