Eddie and the Subtitles – “American Society”/ “Louie Louie” 7″ (Reissue)

a: American Society
b: Louie Louie
Purchase from Frontier Records
Eddie Subtitles 45

I was first exposed to “American Society” through L7’s cover on Smell the Magic, which was once one of my favourite albums in my flannel days (though I just put it on again, and it has not aged well, save for “Pretend We’re Dead” which remains “listenable”). I’ve been looking getting my hands on a copy of this 7″ for years (though they tend to go for a few hundred bucks) – and here it is, reissued on beautiful clear wax. Essential.


One thought on “Eddie and the Subtitles – “American Society”/ “Louie Louie” 7″ (Reissue)

  1. I wonder, if anybody who saw the band playing at club88, cookoo’s nest, Hong Kong Cafe, Pollywog Park, etc, with X , The Plugs, Alleycats, Germs, Blackflag etc; Their first year and a half playing , would care to know I am the original Bassplayer for Eddie and the Subtitles. I am on the Original 7″recording of “Louie Louie” and “American Society”(faster version). I wrote all of the bass parts, for the original Lineup of the Band 1978-79. I have all the original flyers and they include the pictures and the names of the people in the band. If their is anyone who can fill in the “Eddie and the Subtitles” history it would be me. I currently play in Avalon Highway At Taco Surf in Sunset Beach, Ca.(AvalonHwy.com), anyone can contact me @ jazzbass52@juno.com Thanks, Ron

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