Those Dancing Days – Hitten 7″

a: Hitten
b: Tasty Boys
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Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days have finally released what should have been their debut single. Irresistible Swedish pop music rooted firmly in gloomy 80’s dance music, with sounds that could/should be massive on the global music charts. Still, even though this is served with a heavy dose of listenability, it holds onto that blown-out sound and garage aesthetics.

Listening to this again, I am surprised that this has yet to make its way into the public conscience yet (or at the very least, the pits of the mp3 blogging circle jerk or a spotlight from Pitchfork, who love nothing more than to champion underdog pop music), but I guess that is just how these things go. A-side, “Hitten” is best-case scenario, and while the b-side to this suffers a bit in comparison, it manages to hold its own with its infectious Blondie-esq hooks. Love this.


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