Lovvers – Laughing Man / Search for Gold 7″

a: Laughing Man
b: Search for Gold
Listen at Myspace
Purchase from Jonson Family Records (UK)

Its  been a while since we looked overseas for good records, and here is a band whom I have been following over their last two singles (this is the third), and I think I have a handle on it. Lovvers are, for lack of a better comparison, an early 90’s American Grunge revivalist band; listen to the Lovvers brings me back to my flannel-clad youth when I used to rock out with my Melvins tapes in my shitty van. That said, I think that I might be being bit unfair to paint them as simple revivalists (who isn’t), as there is certainly enough of a current stream in this music that it doesn’t feel dated in any way. They can be sludgy and punishing (see: The Laughing man) or they can be straight forward, balls to the wall (see: Search for Gold), and either way, they are killer. Check this out.


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