Blank Dogs – Diana (The Herald) Repress

Blank Dogs Diana The Herald

I just saw that there is a second (or third? not sure…) pressing of SevenTenTwelve favourite Blank Dogs available from Sacred Bones. I am listening to Blank Dogs practically every day – everything just feels so original and effortless.

Also available for what (I assume) is a very short time today was the Mirrored Cassette, released by this guy. The Blank Dogs site has it listed as “Sold Out” – so I think that is that. I got lucky and managed to secure one for myself, which is pretty sweet, though he was pretty adamant that he “only had a few” (the majority being promised as part of the”Blank Box”).

I also understand that we are two weeks away from the release of the Troubleman Unlimited LP “On Both Sides” – from what I have heard of this LP (which is the stuff playing on his MySpace page) is the best Blank Dogs musics yet.

Also: this video for the song “Poison Ivy” (off the 7″ on Florida’s Dying)


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