El Jesus de Magico – Funeral Home Session

a1: LGNO
a2: X-Mas at Wounded Knee
b: Indian Giver
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El Jesus de Magico

Could I be the last person in the record collector scum universe to hear this gem of a 7″? It came out roughly this time last year, and it popped up on a bunch of year end lists, been reviewed by everyone that matters in the world of seven inch reviews. Yet, according to the Columbus Discount Recording page, this single (limited to a mere 500) is still available, something I can attest to because I only got it this week, so lets see if we can move a few more “units.”

Things have been really cooking in the Ohio scene of late, but you don’t need some asshole in Canada to tell you that – so many good bands, a handfull of really great labels curating it for us who live far away (I love Ohio so much that I came this close to actually flying out to Ohio last October to attend Robert Pollard’s 50th Birthday celebration organized by a shitload of GBV fanboys, but ended up not going because, well, I don’t know Robert Pollard and it would be weird – “Happy Birthday, when are you going to record another Bee Thousand?”).

This EP starts out really strong, and then gets propelled into greatness with “X-Mas in Wounded Knee” – this song is fucking great. Maybe it is the keys, or the blown-out vocals, but it just takes you away to another world, and keeps you there. I’ve listened to it now at least a dozen times, and it just doesn’t get old. B-Side, “Indian Giver” is a sludgy, trippy affair, which I normally love, but I couldn’t have the patience for it with the A-Side being so great.

Stop blowing it and get this to your turntable.

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