Guinea Worms – Box of Records 7″

a: Box of Records
b: I’m a Cobweb
Purchase from Columbus Discount Records

Guinea Worms Box of Records 7″

From the label that brought you the first offerings from Times New Viking and Psychadelic Horseshit comes a single that I think I am starting to like more than anything from either of those bands. That is something that I have been thinking about saying out loud for a while now, and now that I have s); but this single from Guinea Worms, while sharing a few of the same elements of those other bands, just really turns my crank, you know? It is everything I like about this style of music – the production, the swagger, the messiness, and most of all, the timelessness of it all. Even if this guy is pandering to his audience with a song about records (hey, worked for LCD Soundsystem right?).

Limited to 500 copies, and I heard that they are starting to run short. I promise you that you will regret not ordering this single now.

Listen here (esp. “HELLO FROM OHIO”)


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