Cryptomaniacs – s/t 7″

a1: Ha Alright
a2: Good Enough for Garbage
b1: Eyeballs
b2: Heart of Trash
Listen at Myspace /
Order by emailing ian_manhire @ hotmail com

It’s weird how I know more about what is happening in Atlanta, or LA or Vancouver, and am always waiting too late to check out the bands blowing up in my own backyard.  Take for example The Ostrich, whom I slept on for so long, and now they are 0ne of my favourites.

Today, I am in the record store and pick up this seven inch from The Cryptomaniacs. It came out last summer, but this is the first time we cross paths – and guess what? It is fucking good. They are working in the same vein as new-favourite Calgary band The Ostrich, trading on that echo-chamber lofi-garage style that has provides enough of a twist as to keep things moving/interesting. They aren’t foraging any new ground here, but they are doing what they are doing well, and what more can you really ask? Sadly, it appears as if the band is already broken up, though listening to this again I call bullshit because there can’t be a good enough reason for this band to not to be making more music.

Dear The Cryptomaniacs: Get your shit together because I want to see The Cryptomaniacs this summer, and I promise to bring all of my friends.

This was limited to 300 copies, and you should act fast because my copy was 263…


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