Afternoon Naps – Can’t Stop the Weather 7″

a1: Can’t Stop the Weather
b1: Clean Bill of Health
b2: Happy all the Time

Available directly from Cloudberry Records

IN which sometimes one can be sucked into the gravitational pull of an unknown band by a list of influences: As Dodge from My Kentucky Blog says “Fans of Voxtrot, Belle & Sebastian, The Beach Boys and Orange Juice will probably love this band.” This is where I think to myself: “I like all of those bands!” and check them out. Guess what, Dodge is spot on, and I have a new band to follow.

This is sunny pop music, that is ultimately really safe (who doesn’t love pop music?), ends up being compelling enough to warrant the “instant order overload” You know, where you listen to a few songs and then order everything you can find? That is what I just did. Check it out.

In the process, I see that Cloudberry records is 73 records into some kind of series… awesome.

UPDATE: I just got word that I ordered a 3″ CD-r, not a 7″. I could take this down, but won’t.


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