Slumberland Records – In Search of the New 7″ Series

Available from Midheaven  and Slumberland on January 21.

This looks promising – yet another seven inch series to spend your money on. This one isn’t exactly a club, but the label is planning is to release two limited-edition split 7″ singles every ten weeks or so, then compile every eight singles onto CDs to keep them available.   All singles will be pressed on color vinyl and packaged in special sleeves — full-color, letterpress, silkscreen or something else cool.

The first split single will be from  Roy Moller & The Company, (the Company being Gary Thom and Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian) and the Hermit Crabs  (a folk-pop band from Glasgow), and the second one will be “Spectorian pop of Bye! (featuring Archie Moore from Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine) with the suave pop stylings of The Happy Couple”

This actually sounds pretty great!

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