Manchester Orchestra / Annuals Split Tour Only 7″

a: Manchester Orchestra – Brother (Annuals cover) (Stream)

b: Annuals – Where Have You Been (Manchester Orchestra cover)


Thanks to Jason at Seven Inches (Everyday) (if you like this blog, you will love his) –  I am still unclear where you can get this now that the tour has finished, it is absolutely essential that you obtain this via any means necessary (perhaps try their label – Canvasback music – who are also responsible for the absolutely essential Once soundtrack, my favourite 2007 movie).

Anyway, this is one of those deals where the bands cover each other. Manchester Orchestra’s cover of “Brother” is so good – not necessarily transcending the bombastic original (which remains a favourite to this day), but at the very least matching it in mood and arrangement (it goes for a rootsy vibe, and the only comparison I can give is Jason Collette’s cover of “Reunion” off that Stars remix album).  This is definitely the winner hear, and I am eager to hear more from Manchester Orchestra now that I have heard this. The Annuals cover of MO’s “Where Have You Been?” – which is perhaps less successful in comparison, but still ends up being perfectly listenable.


One thought on “Manchester Orchestra / Annuals Split Tour Only 7″

  1. I just gave this a listen the other day and totally agree, the Manchester cover is great, I’ll be looking out for more from them, this is just such a great idea for a split 7, and it’s too bad it’s not more available.

    I have to see Once now, I’ve heard so many great things.

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