SevenTenTwelve’s Favourite 7″ Records of 2007

This time of year we are faced with many arbitrary lists. Especially music geeks (I think we have High Fidelity to blame for this mess), who love nothing more than collecting, cataloging and ranking their music. I am no different. The criteria for ranking these 7″ records are 1) quality of the music 2) overall presentation. This is why two singles series rank so highly

10. Fabulous Diamonds – S/T 7″

This band is going to be worth following in the next year – they are doing everything they shouldn’t be, and making it sound good.

9. Wooden Shjips – Summer of Love (Sol 2007)

I came late to the Wooden Shjips party, and it is difficult to predict how this is going to hold up  – the singles thus far have been ace, but the full length was kind of a snore.

8. Abe Vigoda – Animal Ghosts 7″

“Animal Ghosts” is everything I like about music – short, snotty bursts of melody. Like I said before, these guys are going to blow up.

7. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends (w/ John Cale and W/ Franz Ferdinand) 7″

The last thing that anyone needs at this point is some asshole online telling you how amazing LCD Soundsystem are, or how good “All My Friends” is. Yet, these are worth paying the overseas cost for the covers done by John Cale and Franz Ferdinand (whose version I actually like more than LCD’s).

6. Prinzhorn Dance School (series): “You are the Space Invader” + “Up! Up1 Up!” + “Crackerjack Docker”

These three singles are all you ever need of Prinzhorn. Listening to the full length will annoy the shit out of you; listening to the singles will bring joy to your heart. All featuring hand-made (purses?) done by Suzy Horn. These singles are a hit at house parties.

5. Pet Politics – The Spring 7″

This music here is amazing, but it is the packaging that sells this one. Circular, shell like sleeves with some really nice art, The Great Pop Supplement does it again.

4. Times New Viking – My Head 7″

Christ this is good – can’t get enough of this band, and am spending way too much time right now tracking down their other 7″‘s. Matador sold out of these before they were even released, and I do say that very few bands have got me as excited this year.

3. The Ostrich – S/T 7″

I meant it when I said that this is the best Canadian 7″ I have heard this year (from a Calgary band, no less!). Dark, world weary garage-pop, this single says everything to me about my life, and I can’t wait to hear more. Don’t sleep on this.

2. Shocking Pinks (series)

Shocking Pinks totally blew me away this year – these 7″ singles each sound like different bands, with the common denominator being that the songs are all really good. Apparently, there is a box-set of all the 7″s now, but I have yet to see that.

1. No Age (series)

This is the series that renewed my faith in record collecting. Without a doubt my favourite release this year.

Other Singles I loved this year:

The Electric Bunnies- “Eskimo” 7″

Shearing Pinx- “Caves” 7″

Blank Dogs- “Dianna (The Herald)” EP

El Jesus De Magico- “Funeral Home Session” 7”

The Retainers- “She Likes To Get Attention” 7”

Cheveu- “My Answer Is…” 7

Joy Division – Sordid Sentimental Reissue 7″

Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat 7″

Hot Lixx Hulahan – S/T 7″ (“air guitar” 7″ no music on it!)

Crystal Castles / HEALTH Split 7″

Pink Mountaintops – Single Life 7″

LCD Soundsystem / Arcade Fire Split 7″

Mutators – Paper Words 7″

2 thoughts on “SevenTenTwelve’s Favourite 7″ Records of 2007

  1. couldn’t agree more on the no age series. i finally got the get hurt 12″ this week to complete the series.

    some other favourite inches this year include

    panda bear-take pills 7″
    panda bear/excepter-carrots/kkkkk 12″
    black dice-roll up 12″
    tickley feather/bermuda triangles split 7″
    thrill jockey plum 7″ box set
    animal collective-fireworks 10″
    jeremy jay-airwalker 7″
    high places/lucky dragons picture disc 7″

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