Pink Reason – S/T 7″

a: Throw it away
b1: Slate Train
b2: New Violence
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French Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu has a bit in one of his books where he talks about “selection/evaluation” – in that, with so much coming at us, it is impossible to account for all of it, so we end up tuning out large chunks of information. Pink Reason is a great example of this. Times New Viking, a band I have been really going crazy over in the last couple of months are one of the four or five bands that have put out LP’s on Siltbreeze, alongside Psychedelic Horseshit (who I have also been getting into) and… Pink Reason. Then for some reason I am on Myspace (looking for the impossible to find Times New Viking/Psychadelic Horseshit tour only 7″), and both band’s “top ten friends” (or whatever) contain Pink Reason. I was just not seeing them for whatever reason. My selection/evaluation device was selecting and evaluating this out of my world.

Finally, someone off of the message board of people who used to be into Guided by Voices (don’t ask) posted a sendspace link to some Pink Reason mp3’s, and all it took for me to check it out was the following description: “a more traditionally musical version of Jandek’s atonal folk-blues” – and suddenly I have a new favorite band this week. I’ve spent a lot of time in the interim tracking down everything I could find (I like it when it isn’t easy, more fun that way – I just got word from trickknee that I just paid for their last copy of the “By a Thread” 7″). This 7″ especially – originally released in 2006 (but reissued this fall) is, if nothing, one of the most haunting, removed and compelling pieces of vinyl that I have heard in a long time.

Finally, last night, the Pink Reason myspace page had a bit about how the band was finished, but that blog post has been removed with a post about how one should “avoid winding up the sole member of your band. The in-fighting is much more trenchant and fierce when you’re alone.”


Thanks to all who entered in the Times New Viking contest; I am keeping all of the entries for an upcoming “Fuck Buttons” picture 7″ contest, so stay tuned for that.

Also, look for my “Top 7″ releases to waste your days tracking down” list on Friday.

13 thoughts on “Pink Reason – S/T 7″

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this, I have been overlooking them also. A few times I meant to check on this, I’m ordering that repress today. Jay reatard was one of those I recently got into also.

  2. the “by a thread” 7″ was done on trickknee and was not (as far as i know) repressed by criminal IQ. the record you’re reviewing here was the debut 7″ which kevin (pink reason) released under his own savage quality imprint. do see if you can find a “by a thread” record. it’s pretty aces. but i think sold out.

  3. Shit – I put the “By A Thread” in the title, though it is the S/T. Thats what I get for writing this in the middle of the night!

    I actually got the last “By a Thread” 7″ from the Trickknee dude… So good.

  4. “By a Thread” was a 500 press and sold out. The first one was 300 (Kevin) and then several represses through CIQ (I think it eventually sold around 1,000 total). These 2 45s and the debut LP are all from the same “source tapes” or time period. The upcoming Siltbreeze LP is all newer stuff, and is as good or better (to me) than the old stuff. Lots of stuffs.

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