Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Ask Forgiveness 12″ EP

 Available from Drag City

Perhaps this is stretching the limits of this blog, but this is good enough to warrant attention, and allows me to reference the “Wai Notes” CD that came out randomly today (also available in “limited quantities” from Drag City). Two amazing Wil Oldham releases in two weeks? Are you even kidding me?

“Ask Forgiveness” finds Oldham playing eight covers alongside the freakfolkies of Espers, and sounds wonderful. Not as sinister as other Bonnie “Prince” Releases (save for the cover of Danzig’s “Am I Demon”), but a highly enjoyable listen none-the-less. If you get this album for one thing alone, it should be for his cover of R-Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest,” which continues to blow my mind.

Out of nowhere this am, I come accross “Wai Notes,” a collection of what sound like ghetto-blaster demo’s from when Oldham and   Dawn McCarthy were putting together last year’s “The Letting Go.” I tend to fall in the camp of Oldham’s fans who think that “The Letting Go” was way over produced, and I found it really hard to get into. One morning of listening to “Wai Notes” and I am obsessed. Very, very good.  This CD is available from Drag City on a “first come, first served” basis, with a note that this is “very limited,” with each cover coming with “handmade photo things” on the back. Amazing. Good old Drag City, randomly releasing things in limited quantity without telling anyone until they are sold out.

Update:  Apparently the “very limited” is 10,000 copies worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Ask Forgiveness 12″ EP

  1. I heard about that demo’s thing, and I agree, I’m all for the genius of Will recorded on shitty cassette tape. He can do no wrong…except greatest…not my favorite, but always interesting. Hopefully I can get both of these.

  2. I love Oldham on shitty cassette, but I also love him over-produced. It doesn’t matter to me. Heard the “Rian Murphy & Will Oldham” EP? That is super produced and awesome.
    Will Oldham transcends production values.

  3. Wow, got it this weekend on your recommendation…really great to hear these demos, I like hearing it this raw. The picture of him on the back is insane, he is a piece of work.

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