Velvet Claws – Quarantine 7″

a: Quarantine
b: Fat Lady Of Limbourg (Brian Eno)

Available from Fans of Bad Recording
Stream the 7″ on their MySpace

Velvet Claws, a two piece bass/drum duo that is notable for the fact that “Sticky” Henderson takes on lead vocals and bass. For those of you unfamiliar with the Mid-90’s Canadian indie-rock scene, Sticky used to play in a band called Weeping Tile, who were notable as “the band that used to have Sarah Harmer in it.” Sticky also wrote songs with Peaches…

What I love about this 7″ is the tone of the bass… reminds me of The Imbreds; actually, musically this is fairly engaging as far as two piece bands go. I just hate two things; 1) Sticky’s voice, which reminds me of the 1990’s in a bad way and 2) their cover of Brian Eno, which sounds horrible to my ears.


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