Times New Viking – My Head 7″ (+CONTEST!)

a1: My Head
a2: R.I.P. Allegory
b1: Allergy (The Petticoats cover)
b2: Western CIV
(Sold out already)

So, I got two of these in the mail today, and seeing as how these appear to be sold out already (and for good reason – have you heard the mp3 of the a-side yet?), I am going to give one away to one of my faithful readers. Email me your info to quartermass (at gmail.com) by this Sunday at MIDNIGHT, and I will do a random draw on Monday.

I honestly can’t think of a band that has excited me this much this year. The raw noise that assaults you before sucking you into the well concealed melody, the hook that just gets you every time. The a-side here, which I have been listening to constantly (though I will admit putting it into cool edit and ramping down the volume a bit, seeing as how every time it would come on, I would have to frantically find the volume knob), is just as good as it gets. The b-side stands up just as well – short, bratty and with energy that you just can’t deny.

The first b-side song “Allergy” is a cover of a Petticoats song, yet I have been unable to find out anything about them; anyone out there have any info?
Here’s hoping that Times New Viking blows up in 2008 (insound has pre-orders available for the full length coming out next month), and takes independent music out of the bloat we are currently experiencing.


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