LCD SOUNDSYSTEM-Confuse The Marketplace 12”

a: Freak Out / Starry Eyes
b1: North American Scum (Onanistic Dub)
b2: Hippie Priest Bum-Out
Available at Scratch.

You know, sometimes being a completist can be really annoying, especially when the bands you love and actively “complete” are such dicks about doing over-seas only versions and then randomly repackaging them and re-marketing them. This is like a dare from the band – “we dare you to buy these same songs again.” I hate that shit.

James, let me get this straight: you are telling me that I can now purchase these tracks, which were previously available in the UK only (“Freak-Out” being the “All My Friends” 12″ b-side, and “Hippie Priest Burn-Out” was the b-side to the UK version of the “North American Scum” 7″) have been repackaged again (all three being available as well on the US version of the 45:33 CD that came out last month)? Especially since “Freak Out / Starry Eyes” is the only thing worth listening to on this, with “Hippie Priest Burn-Out” being such a snore-fest.

James Murphy I love you, but you’re bringing me down.


5 thoughts on “LCD SOUNDSYSTEM-Confuse The Marketplace 12”

  1. Q: Who is the bigger “dick”:

    a) A band making previously import-only b-sides available on vinyl for US fans wanting these songs on that format w/o having to shell out import $$s


    b)“Completist fans” (i.e., borderline sociopaths) whining about having to (and eagerly) shelling out more $$ to keep their precious trophy case up to date.

    Get a grip.

  2. I mean fair enough, though my problem is “import only” in the first place, my point was that I am unlikely to be spending more $$$ on this record to keep my trophy case up to date. This post is hardly my shining moment here (way too whiny), and wrote it because I am annoyed with LCD’s attempt at milking its fanbase with re-packaging, which is misleading at best, though admittedly shouldn’t be high on anyone’s list of problem.

    I collect vinyl, and I tend to get everything from certain bands that I like. What part of this blog, which is ostensibly about record collecting (and appreciation) do you not understand? I have no intention of ever selling my records, I listen to them constantly (no “mint in package” here), I actively look for off the beaten path records and bring them to the attention of other people who enjoy reading about and doing the same.

    Thanks for the online equivalent of being pushed into the lockers and being called a nerd.

  3. C’mon, do you think someone breezing by this blog is not going to already understand the party line of your 2nd reply paragraph? No, I bristle at the entitlement of the original, i.e, projecting the feeling like you (“the fan”) have been somehow personally wronged by the release of this 12″. I mean, why are you blogging venom/conspiracy theories about this band’s supposedly milking its fanbase and/or “daring” you to buy the same songs again by making hard to track down b-sides more readily available? (What a completely silly notion).

    If you’re a super fan and have tracked down the import 12″s, then good for you. There aren’t even any extras on this to warrant your buying it – how is that “milking its fanbase”? But if you’re like me and am not a super fan and though “Freak Out” was stellar and am glad to see the extras on the 45:33 CD on domestic vinyl for $8 at my local shop so that I can actually buy them w/o having to track down the imports…yay for me, y’know? ULTIMATELY IF YOU HAVE THE SONGS ON VINYL, WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT TRASHING THIS 12″? = my point. But, if you mu$t have it (and that’s a-ok by me – I’m as guilty as this behavior as the next guy), at least admit it’s more about the object and completing the collection and just quietly spend your $ and file it on your bookshelf. Y’know?

  4. You make a completely valid point, and I agree wholeheartedly that my original post is silly. The “dare” bit is totally me attempting to write something polemic, and coming of like an idiot. It is a good thing that this blog has a limited readership!

    I am happy that they have released the amazing “Freak Out” domestically, and will admit that most of this post comes out of being annoyed that I paid a lot more than $8 to have it on vinyl (when I would have rather just paid $8) and I think this is where my blogger venom comes from. Buying imports is a tricky business (I also got burned on the “import only” Myriad Harbour 7″ a while ago, only that it was “import, only for a month, and then we’ll release it domestic

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