Cococoma/Hipshakes Split 7″

a1: Never be True
a2: Brain Numb (The Hipshakes cover)

The Hipshakes
b1: Hurt My Pride
b2: All I Give (Cococoma cover)

Purchase from Tic Tac Totally

This is such a nice change of pace; going back to basics with rudimentary pride. It only took two songs each to convince me that I need to follow both of these groups with funimentalist passion.

First up is Chicago based Cococoma, who do garage-punk like it never went out of style, and deliver the goods like few other bands I have heard on this genre recently. Their original “Never Be True” sounds like it belongs on a compilation of garage bands that you haven’t heard of, but with every track being a classic. Their cover of The Hipshakes “All I Give” made me want to fight, and also to listen to The Hipshakes. Which is convenient, because the flip side presents The Hipshakes in their fantastic glory, doing a fantastic job of giving it everything they have for two 90 second-ish songs.

Get this.


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