My Electric Love Affair – Blow Me Down 7″

a: Blow Me Down
aa: As Soon as Now
Hear both streaming on Myspace
Purchase from Rough Trade

This came with the Cajun Dance Party 7″ yesterday, and though I can’t even remember ordering it (or my reasons for ordering – I think it had something to do with the self-release nature and the comparison to the Wooden Shjips and Spacemen 3), but I can now say that my seven inch collection would have had a hole in it without this.

The classic “double a-side” format is appealing, though bit of a misnomer (“Blow Me Down” is clearly the a-side, “As Soon as Now” is clearly a b-side, which is not a put down). “Blow Me Down” starts, and immediately paints the wall of whatever room you are listening to it in with a coat of grime that you won’t ever be able to get off. Not to put too fine a point in it, but this is the culmination, the summary of every UK group that has made it big since Joy Division.

The aa-side is strong (though not as strong), with droning-acoustic guitars and some singing that, though I know this is lazy, sounds like Oasis (not the bloated corpses that fly around the world pretending to be Oasis).

This is an independent release limited to 500 copies, but you can get it from Rough Trade UK (I know…).


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