Cajun Dance Party – Amylase 7″

a: Amylase
b: Fill The Cups
purchase from ebay.

Another great 7″ from this group of kids out of the UK, and since their last 7″, it looks as if they went and got signed to XL. Good for them. “Amylase” is another strong single – not quite as immediate as “The Next Untouchables,” but almost as catchy. The B-Side, “Fill the Cups” is less successful, and I suppose works as a b-side, but not much more. The b-side is kind of disappointing really…

The packaging on this release is the draw here. It comes in a “hand stitched” outer sleeve, and the only way to get at the music (which includes the 7″ and the CD single) is to tear it open. I actually thought to myself “I can’t rip this!” but did anyway… I wonder how many people decided to keep theirs without opening it? This 7″ was limited to 500, and in the time between ordering and delivery, it has already sold out. Crazy. The only way to get it is on ebay (I saw one listed at 16 GBP, but linked to one that is more reasonable).

Here is  the “Amylase” video:


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