Those Dancing Days – s/t 7″

a: Those Dancing Days
b: 1000 Words
(Both songs available to download on their MYSPACE page)


This band is going to break on the strength of the lead vocalist Linnea Jönsson – you just can’t argue with the singing; however, I beg you to pay attention to the drumming, especially on a side “Those Dancing Days” (can we make a general rule: debut single should have a song titled after the band). The song starts off with drummer Cissi Efraimsson going insane on the kit, and the rest of the song is just pure virtuosity. The flip side, “1000 Words” is the better of the two songs, with its “Piccadilly Palare”-esq verses, its jarring proto-chorus/hook, and again, the craziness happening behind the kit.

A couple of months ago, I fell in love with a These Dancing Days song called “Hitten” (see video below), and when I throw this slab on the turntable, and I can’t help but think that as good as this single is, I want one for “Hitten”! Sweden just keeps delivering the goods. How is it even possible that so many amazing musicians are coming from one tiny country?

Buy from The Record Store. (this one is also sold out almost everywhere else).
“Those Dancing Days”



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