Shocking Pinks – Singles Series

Listen to the Shocking Pinks Singles Series Player


Blue: (Rough Trade Shops)
a:This Aching Deal (think The Bats meets My Bloody Valentine)
b: August 3rd (Arkitype remix)

Green: (Rough Trade Shop)
a: Victims (“it’s like a garage band raised on a diet of just Sebadoh or a classic Flying Nun band that you heard on John Peel once”)
b: April May

Red: (Rough Trade Shop)
a: The Narrator
b: Dressed to Please

Pink (7″) (Norman records)
a: End of the World
b: Go to Sleep

Pink (12″) (Norman records)
a1: End of the World
a2: Go to Sleep (Deerhunter Remix)
b1: Go to Sleep
b2: Go to Sleep (Eluvium Remix)

(set on my own shocking pink kitchen table)

I will let the music here speak for itself: kind of like like My Bloody Valentine, New Order, Hood, The Clean, Liquid Liquid, Pavement (also: every free thinking band known to man). Layered, atmospheric, otherworldly, manic pop hooks, wistful psychedelics, frantic basement percussion & breathless energy. Any of these singles in isolation would make my year end list, but the combination is just value added, double plus good. Kind of like Voltron or something.

This series was supposed to ramp up to the LP (out on DFA in September), but I only got the End of the World singles on Friday. Each of these puppies is limited to 500 copies, and from what I can tell, they are only available overseas (I put links to the webstores that these are still available at, as they are already sold out in other places).

This is the song/video (End of the World) that started my obsession with this band:


2 thoughts on “Shocking Pinks – Singles Series

  1. Wow, these guys are great, hadn’t heard much about them, you must be the only person in north america with this entire series! I don’t even want to know how much shipping cost. I salute you once again.

  2. Well, being in Canada, we are somewhat used to getting hosed on shipping. Each of these singles cost (CDN) around 3.50, plus around $10.00 (total) shipping.

    Considering that I just finished a dispute with some dude on ebay who wanted to charge me $15 US for one 7″ – from Missoula, Montana (which is literally a few hours drive from here), it isn’t bad.

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