The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour 7″

a: Myriad Harbour (Dan Bejar) (Mp3)
b: Fuge State (AC Newman)

My Bejar fetish is well documented, and when I saw this, I jumped at it. If we squint past the terrible New Pornographers logo (with a font worse than comic sans), we can pretend that we have a Destroyer/AC Newman split 7″!

I am pretty sure that this is only their second 7″ (the other one being a promo!) How does that work? The New Pornographers have always been a singles band for me: where are the singles?

This is a good start, as “Myriad Harbour” might be the song of the year. I have listened to it countless times, and it is as catchy a song as you can make. As an added bonus, some of Dan’s delivery here is hilarious, especially this verse

I walked into the local record store /And asked for an American Music Anthology /It sounds fun!

For whatever reason, this line always cracks me up. An online acquantance “in the know” recently told me that this was the worst thing that Bejar has ever recorded, done on purpose as a way to get out of the NP’s without hurting AC’s feelings. I call bullshit on that.

The b side is from AC Newman, and is another sleepy affair that would fit nicely on Challengers, or more precisely, on his solo record.

This 7″ is limited to 500 copies, available now at Insound.


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