Cajun Dance Party – The Next Untouchable 7″

a: The Next Untouchable (mp3)
b: Buttercups (mp3)

The life of a record collector is filled with missed opportunities and lonely, lonely victories. Sometimes it is just a matter of randomly paying attention to something outside your comfort zone. For example, I ordered this (on a whim) in May, along with 450+ others on the day it was released (limited edition of 500), making it an “instant sell-out.” (Though Insound still has some copies left, I can’t imagine for long once they catch on over here. Also there is a copy on Ebay right now, “buy it now” – but it will set you back $30, so the $3 at insound seems like the better bet).

Cajun Dance Party are a 5 piece indie band from London, and they initially started to blow up after Steve Lamacq voted them as having the best demo of 2006.

“The Next Untouchable” sounds (to me) like the Libertines if Pete Doherty got sober, combined with the anthem and pomp of the Verve, and with the energy and indie-ness of the Bloc-Party. In essence: everything and anything interesting that has been happening in the UK over the last 10 years, filtered into some kids with an arse-load of talent to pull it off.

B-side song “Buttercups” reminds me of the above, but with the grande-moroseness of OK COMPUTER.

So good. Get this before it is too late.

The Sunday Times sez:

“…Cajun Dance Party are worth the fuss. Their music – Belle and Sebastian with backbone – is so good, so fully formed, and liable to make confirmed grouches dance like loons, that the dates on their birth certificates are irrelevant, other than to make you wonder what a band this great now is capable of.”


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