Crystal Castles / HEALTH Split 7″

a: Mothers Knows Best / Trash Hologram – Crystal Castles
b: Crimewave / Glitter Pills – HEALTH

Lovepump United Records
White vinyl

crystal castles health split

Third split 7″ in a row! This one is another winner.

The Crystal Castles were one of those bands I have read about but never listened to, and this 7″ is a great introduction. This 2-piece from Toronto have a sound that is very “of the now,” in that there are so many bands lately that sound like this. Not a bad thing. Lots of interesting things happening on these two songs, the second song, “Trash Holograms” sounding the best, with its vaguely lo-fi Daft-Punkish feel to it.

I imagine that when Crystal Castles play live that they have cool video collages playing behind them. I also imagine that lots of kids who wish they were the cool kids but who pretend to not care about that kind of “bullshit” like this group as well. The actual cool kids would listen to this and cry because they are not accustomed to having their minds blown in such a fashion. So who are the “true” cool kids then? Only Jesus knows.

I was looking for cam-phone evidence for this claim on youtube, but instead I found the video for “Trash Holograms,” which you can watch here. I imagine that it would be something like this playing behind them when they do this live.

HEALTH (all caps!) bring in the second set, and it starts of with a little bullying, like some drunk guy at the bar saying to you “wanna fight?” in the men’s washroom while you are standing at the urinal. I first came to HEALTH after my discovery of NO AGE last spring. There is quite a range on their side, going from chaotic to beautiful. These guys are gonna be huge.

This 7″ comes recommended, but I have read that it is “strictly limited,” so act now or forever hold your peace.

One last thing: you will often hear me proclaim my love of short songs. This is something that I bring up far too often, and something that I will bring up here. Both bands play short songs, and I love that. The short song factor is enough to recommend these songs. My main beef with “electronica” and “TECHNO” is that the music is ok most of the time, but I get so fucking bored with anything over 3 minutes long. Crystal Castles and HEALTH get this, and have done the world a favour.



3 thoughts on “Crystal Castles / HEALTH Split 7″

  1. I saw Crystal Castles live and they sucked the big one. Being that I was pretty excited for them and enjoy their music I’m not sure which category that puts me in. There were no visuals, just one member playing around on a laptop and the other drugged out of her mind, smoking and drinking a screwdriver while dancing around. Hyped up bullshit.

  2. ok.. i do not agree.. saw C.C. and so much energy on stage, saw them on a boat 6 month ago, there were 40 people max, no visuals, no need, alice was the one and only visual… was so good, nice beats made with home made machines, saw health yersterday, they’re just insane on stage..
    ok this is a 6 month article and i’m responding really late.. so what!
    next gigs, the death set, matt and kim and no age… whoo!
    greets from Belgium

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