Motor away

I’m sitting here, trying to write the best paper that has ever been written on the subject of interviewing people online, and some a-hole has been running this noisy/shitty generator right outside my window for what seems like forever, but has possibly only been like an hour or so. It is driving me insane. It keeps revving in sporadic bursts, so the noise isn’t constant and it sounds as if it is about to sputter out, but then it will kick in again. Thinking about going outside and just turning it off.

This whole apartment (or for my Calgarian readers, “condo”) living thing has been really bumming me out lately, what with the constant noise (my favourite: Halo 3 guy upstairs who plays with his subwoofer cranked all night long!). Actually, as we speak, the apartment owners are re-siding these buildings, so I am sure this will be a “condo” soon enough. Same shitty experience, but you will also have the priveledge of paying taxes, condo fees and utilities! On the flip-side, you can paint the walls whatever colour you want!

Update: You should never try to turn off a generator that isn’t yours, or you might get yelled at. It is also not a good idea to inquire “is there any way to make this noise any more annoying?”

Update 2: Remember that scene in High Fidelity, where John Cusack imagines bludgeoning his ex-girlfriends new “lover” to death with a telephone? That is me right now (but with the generator, and not a human being), as we move into the third hour of intense “MRRRRRRRRRrrrRRrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRrRrRRRrrRrRrRrRRrRrrrrRRRrrrr *sputter sputter* RRRRAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAARRRRRRAAAR”

Update 3: Number of times this noise has made me cry real tears: 3.4

Update 4: I am either dead, or the noise has stopped…. IT HAS STOPPED!!! THE NOISE HAS STOPPED!!!!!!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 5: It feelt so quiet for a minute there, yet the absence of “MRRRRRRRRRrrrRRrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRrRrRRRrrRrRrRrRRrRrrrrRRRrrrr *sputter sputter* RRRRAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAARRRRRRAAAR” has revealed the equally as sinister “KA KA KA KA KA BWAAAAMP! KA KA KA KA KA! KAAAAAKAKAKAKA! BOOOOOM!” of Halo 3 guy upstairs. I think I am going to go start a fight with him.

Update 6: Just when I was getting back into the “zone,” guess who comes back to fire up the ‘ol generator? Apparently this guy takes 1.5 hour lunch breaks. I am currently looking for the company he works for so I can send an anonymous email to his boss. “MRRRRRRRRRrrrRRrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRrRrRRRrrRrRrRrRRrRrrrrRRRrrrr *sputter sputter* RRRRAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAARRRRRRAAAR”


One thought on “Motor away

  1. If it is of any consolation, I’ve been trying to learn logistic regression out of a hideous little green book while some moron next door mows his lawn. For hours. And more hours. How much can one mow one little lawn??? Oh wait – some of that must have been a paint sprayer… he’s finally painted his fence a mere 7 years after it was built. What’s that? Blessed silence? Well, that will last approximately 21 minutes until the other neighbor gets home to play Halo 3. We should lock these idiots into a box with each other and a BROKEN game machine and generator and let them fight it out. Yeah… and then play the trumpet badly outside it.

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