I lifted the veil to see nature’s trickery revealed as pure shit

October brings with it the general malaise that I know we are all feeling today. Everything is curling up. Everyone is winding down, preparing for Winter. Again? Gahhh. No thanks.

Beautiful colours! Crisp air! It’s “just right” outside. Often, when it comes up in polite conversation, I can be found saying that “I love fall” (but if you know me, you know that I work in the extremes of “Love” “Favourite” “Hate” “Worst.” Dearest reader, its the only way I can see in colour. Even if those colours are only blue and red). If I have said this to you in polite conversation, I apologize but I was lying. Just trying to convince myself, you see.

Truth is, I find the whole affair to be terribly depressing. This whole changing season thing is just not for me.

I will give you this: I ocassionally enjoy the trickery of fall. I never notice the changing leaves until it is way too late (they always change at night, when I am asleep). Then, one day I will say to myself (or whomever is sitting beside me) “Hey, when did THAT happen?” To which said person will reply “I know, hey?”  Wash, rinse, repeat.

I also ocassionally enjoy this feeling. This feeling, as I stated above,  of general malaise. I like to wallow in it from time to time. I don’t want to live there (poor thing), but it gives me an excuse to play those records. To feel introspective. To take stock of the canned goods.

And if you’ve made it this far, dear reader. Thanks. For reading this, for coming here from time to time. You are more than a statistic to me.


3 thoughts on “I lifted the veil to see nature’s trickery revealed as pure shit

  1. Let’s go for a coulee walk this weekend and get some “brisk” air in our lungs. Also I want some photos of the trees before they are all naked and cold again.

  2. Oh fall in Alberta…will you never stop being a two-week phenomenon? Here in Kingston, the leaves have only just begun changing. It’ll be 31 on Saturday…so summer really hasn’t stopped. The awesome thing about that is by mid-October, it’ll look like Vermont. And Vermont is, um, really awesome. In the fall. Yeah…

    You, Mr. Qmass, are very emo.

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