9 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Technically, it would have to be a murder-suicide. Let me refresh your memory, dear friend:

    Paul: Kerri, you have got to get on Facebook.
    Kerri: No

    Next day

    Paul: Kerri, you have really got to get on Facebook.
    Kerri: I told you no, now leave me alone.

    Repeat for a week, then finally

    Paul: Kerri, please get on Facebook.
    Kerri: Fine, but only if you promise to stop harassing me and for goodness sake, put some pants on while you are in your office.

    I have the original transcribed notes at home somewhere.

  2. It’s all rather embarrassing, really. You see, that was then and this is now. How was I to know, back then, that doing Facebook is some kind of modern Faustian bargain? How was
    I to know that the philistines would take over? How was I to know that they would start selling “limited edition icons” of 1 million? An ICON CAN NEVER BE LIMITED!!! Screenshot -> CTRL +V. THERE! NOT SO LIMITED NOW, ARE WE?

    I am ready do do it, consequences be damned. Goodbye cruel world…

  3. Are you accusing me of living in the past? Okay, I’ll try to live in the now. Also, are you telling me that the flaming bag of dog feces gift was replicated to other fun-seeking Facebook users? I don’t believe it.

    On a totally unrelated note, I’m going to search out Akolade and add him as a friend.

  4. I KNEW facebook was evil from the get go but you wouldn’t believe me. I pointed out long ago that all it does is providing others with personal status updates. Man am I glad now that you pant less sweet talking never worked its magic on me.
    But Paul, the philosophical question that remains is whether people will notice your absence when they secretly removed you from their friends list weeks ago…

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