Batman by Dostoyevsky starts the second cold war.

So this blog dedicated to scanning weird comic books puts up a scan of a Batman comic as done by Dostoyevsky (linky). I found it pretty amusing; Russian commenters to the blog do not. A few highlights.

Oh Gods, yankees, what have you done with one of the best books ever?!
Burn that comics!


This is “Crime and Punishment – Edition for morons”. Just a stupid, straight-as-a-stick retelling of just character’s actions. No sense, no philosophy, no beauty of the original.
PS And by the way, he was RASKOLNIKOV


Pizdec… I can not say other word.

and my favourite:

you americans are so stupid. 85% of your nation are retards and that is your own statistic. you think all of you are so dump because of the major evil?
no. you are so dump because you have no culture, only comics.

who is smart in your country?
scientists, medics, lawyers – people who reads a lot of books.
and the world is controled by smart people, not people like your pres. who don’t know diference between opec and apec.

no offense.

None taken.

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