Watching the tele last night, after a wonderful “magnet making party” (do with those quotations as you please, kind sir), and the news comes on. You know how the news is generally bearable for about 6 minutes before they start getting into how wacky the weather guy is, or how wacky the sportscaster guy is? So the news comes on, the national news (CTV I believe it was), and the headline story: OJ Simpson arrested again.

What. The. Fuck. CTV.


CTV just moves up a spot on my quarterly “shit I hate” guide.

1. Pop Culture in 2007, which has been co-opted by TMZ and Perez, and which has failed to bring us any awesomeness all year.

2. CTV – first you give Ben (long pause) Mulroney a job, and then you put him on Canadian Idol,and then you lead your national newscast with a story on OJ Simpson.  Also: See #1

3. People who talk shit on people who are new, just because they are new (Overheard: “Why do they always have to let in new people?”). Seriously.

4.  Waking up earlier than 6am.

5.  People who wait until the last second to outbid you on ebay.

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