A moment of doubt

I take a moment away from constant self promotion to actually do some “real” work, and I realize how much I have taken on, and how slowly I have been working on it. This is kind of my thing – I tend to work in cycles, and I realized JUST NOW that I am starting in on one of my working hard cycles, given that Summer is almost two months down, and I don’t have a great deal to show for it.

Wait, that isn’t exactly true. I don’t have a lot of academic work to show for it – I have been reading a lot (which, I suppose, is something that I can’t really account for. This is, I suppose, a major flaw in my field. That reading, such a required element to academia, is pretty much completely unaccounted for, outside of referencing and not sounding like an illiterate).

In the last two months, I have had a great deal of time with my son (almost full time for the last bit, and which I will spare you the gory gories on), learned how to fly fish, gone to many garage sales (got The White Album on vinyl for a loonie on Friday, and it had all the posters and everything), stared a radio show, worked on promoting my band and some concerts, gone to some soccer games, went to a music festival…  but not much of what I should be doing – which is writing (the paper I am doing with Mark, and a huge grant proposal).

I have a few late nights ahead of me.


3 thoughts on “A moment of doubt

  1. It seems like we are all falling behind academically (judging from the conversation with Mark, this blog entry and my humbled achievements). However, if we stick to it collectively it should be alright ;) We had a hell of a first year and summer is for fun and vacation people…

  2. I’ve gotten sweet bugger all done this summer so far, but like you, I’ve also signed up for a lot: an intensive french course, a reading course where the paper assignments mimic comp questions, and revising two conference papers into “real” publications. I’m also starting a brand new paper with a colleague from my MA cohort. What have I actually accomplished? I’ve registered for the french course, and read some stuff on party identification (and found it completely uninspiring).


    I’ve heard, though, that the pace of the first year of a PhD program is insane, and that it actually settles down a bit if students are disciplined and set a solid work schedule. To me, that’s a big “if” …

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