Sled Island Preview Playlist

Here is the playlist for the Sled Island preview tomorrow afternoon from 430 to 6!

Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – Don’t Mind Us

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style

The Forbidden Dimension – Bloody Show

C’mon – Waste My Time

Destroyer – Students Carve Hearts Out of Coal (alternate version)

Chad VanGaalen – Gun

Mates of State – Goods

Montag – Going Places

Miracle Fortress – Mabe Lately

The Summerlad – Spent the Weak

My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

Rocket Smog – Mission to Inglewood

Aaron Booth – Couldn’t Wait

Lucid 44 – Why Don’t You Just…

The Grim Beat – Red Light

The Square Waves – All That’s Left

Eric Bachman – Lonesome Warrior


One thought on “Sled Island Preview Playlist

  1. Hey man, I really enjoy this musical selection you’ve laid out here (Chad VanGaaleen’s album is spectacular). Is this for a radio show or something? Sorry I’m new to wordpress, just been looking at some of the sites. I just started up a music review site so come take a look if you are so inclined.

    If I may recommend something, check out the Voxtrot album (self-titled), its pretty terrific.

    Take care.


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