The Square Waves Shows


For anyone who reads this who doesn’t know, my band The Square Waves is playing at Sled Island at the end of June. This is a four day, multi-venue festival in Calgary running June 27-30, featuring some big name acts like Cat Power, Spoon, The Walkmen, Les Savy Fav, Destroyer, Mates of State, Boredoms, Erich F’n Bachman (Archers of Loaf / Crooked Fingers). We are playing on June 30 at an all-ages “new bands to watch for” show at some gallery or something called Emmedia, or EM Media perhaps. Tickets for the entire festival are $180. For our little show it’s just $8.00. We are second last in a roster of many, so it should be fun and nerve racking, and a definite high or low point of the Square Waves career, depending on how we sound. You can buy tickets for just our show, but you have to get them ONLINE.

Before that, however, we are playing a June 22nd show at Jester’s, which used to be The Edge or The York or whatever. We are opening for Calgary’s own Hot Little Rocket, who recently recorded an album with indie-super producer Steve Albini. I hate Steve Albini, but we’ll save that for another day.

Also, a nice band called Reily (Brampton, Ontario) are playing. To my knowledge, The Acorn are not playing.

My friend Gillian made this poster. She is gonna be famous one day, and it is cool that she does these for us for relatively low cost. Gillian rules.

Oh, and I copied most of this word for word from Future Shock, because I am lazy.


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