Pouring my watercolours into the ocean…

Is there anything more demoralizing than “Heavy Snowfall Warning” in mid-April?

I quit my group-home job. After next week, I no longer need to spend time in what was turning into an increasingly putrid sleeping environment. One of the newer clients has this thing where he dips towels/face cloths/clothing/stolen baby diapers etc. in urine, then stretches it over his heating vent (after sneakily turning the heat as far as it will go).
His reason for doing this? He likes the smell.

I don’t like the smell.

I came on my shift last night and immediately threw up in my mouth a little, and ended up sleeping in the unfinished basement on an old couch they have down there to avoid the smell. I have four more shifts of that. I’m hoping to be gone before they release one of the other clients (the one that tried to punch a cop) from the asylum, as that adjustment is not going to go well.

2 thoughts on “Pouring my watercolours into the ocean…

  1. Marshal keeps trying to tell me that I should work at the group home here in Lethbridge. I keep telling him that I don’t know what I would do if something happened with one of the clients, such as you described above. The next time he says something to me, I will direct him to this post, and tell him that I do not want to put ANYONE’S underpants on for them, except my mother’s when she is very old and incapacitated.

    But, look on the bright side. At least human urine doesn’t smell as bad as a cats…

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