John K Sampson – Utilities

John K Sampson (of the Weakerthans) is hands down the best Canadian lyricist working today.  Let me back that up with a song:

Utilities (mp3)

got this feeling that today doesn’t like me
oh, the air tastes like flowers and paint.
there’s a sink full of bottles and cutlery
and the car has got a list of complaints.
i just wish i were a toothbrush or a solder gun
make me something somebody can use.
we can wish on the pop of a lightbulb
or those photos lying yellowed and curled.
lose some boxes near abandoned electronics
in the corners of the basements of the world.
guess our wishes don’t do dishes or brake repairs
make them something somebody can use.

got a face full of ominous weather
smirking smile of a high pressure ridge
got more faults than the state of california
and the heart is a badly built bridge
seems the most i have to offer
doesn’t offer much
make it something somebody can use.
make this
something somebody
can use.

Chad Vangaalen Skelliconnection (Limited Edition Double Vinyl)

From Flemish Eye Records, a very limited edition vinyl version of Calgarian Chad Vangaalen’s 2006 album Skelliconnection. This is an album that I initially liked, forgot about, and then rediscovered last week, so I am very excited about this.  A Double 160 Gram LP in a gatefold sleeve with 40+ drawings, this expanded version includes 11 bonus tracks, including new songs & album offcuts.

It is available March 15, but you can pre-order it now.

1. flower gardens (MP3)
2. burn 2 ash
3. red hot drops
4. rolling thunder
5. viking rainbow
6. gubbbish
7. dandrufff
8. wing finger
9. see-thru-skin
10. wind driving dogs
11. mini t.v.’s
12. Graveyard (MP3)
13. dead ends
14. sing me 2 sleep
15. systemic heart

Bonus LP Tracks:
1. the gun (MP3)
2. pencil sharpener
3. concrete dreamer
4. egyptian tennis shoe
5. i left you a message #2
6. mini tv’s ( muscle cola )
7. vee-tech beatsmart
8. past / future
9. i left you a message #1
10. orca hunter
11. smoke pillows

ow! (pt. 2)

Root canal day… and my dentist “decides” that he doesn’t want to do “the full thing” in one day. So he does half of it, and then did “something” to it, and now I have to go back in three weeks to finish the job. It hurts, and I am cranky. Again.

On top of this, I wake up today with a cold/sore throat, and so this makes the whole dentist ordeal even worse, because I can’t swallow.

Bad luck doesn’t come in three’s for me. It comes in eighteens.