Live Blogging: Marking 220 Exams

The Goal: To Mark 220 Exams for the Sociology of the Family course I TA for in Calgaryby 10:15 PM.

6:24 At this point, I have graded about 80 or so? I am in the windowless office, and I have the new LCD Soundsystem album CRANKED. I have no idea if anyone is on the 9th here with me, and if they are, it is loud enough that they might come and tell me to turn it down.

6: 28: When my family finally disowns me, I am changing my last name to “Gagatek”

6:35 Is it possible that I haven’t been obsessed with this record yet? I think I just had to jam it really, really loud to fully appreciate it…

6: 40 Is it just me, or do men with extremely tiny, obbsessively neat PRINTING scream “Serial Killer in Training”?

6:45 “The time has come / the time has come / the time has come today” Repeat x220

7:18: A few hours in… it doesn’t even seem like the pile is any smaller. This makes me feel “emo”

7:24 Genius! I am working in the windowless office, lined with empty desks. I have a “rolly” chair, and I am marking the exams, and then alphabatizing them at the same time, but instead of working through them, now that I am about half-way through, I am counting how many down in that letter group (so, I have marked 7 exams for students with the letter “M” – I count down how many M’s come before (say, 3) and then count the stack to three, and drop the new one in – Rinse, repeat. Efficiency!

8:10 I am noticing the pile going down, but there are endless distractions right now… Destroyer is playing LOUD –

Don’t spend your life conceiving
that the widows won’t get sick of their grieving

9:00 – somehow there are no more left? Sweet. An hour and some to kill…

5 thoughts on “Live Blogging: Marking 220 Exams

  1. Holy shit indeed! I used to take me all day to mark social stats assignments, and I would end up just muttering out loud not getting any work done. This officially puts you in the hero category!

  2. Very nice work! I have a fun link for you in case you missed it. This morning on “The Current” with Anna Maria she was talking with Darin Barney on his upcoming lecture entitled “One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic.” I thought you might enjoy it if you didn’t catch it or have a million other things to do.

    there is a lovely listen feature at the bottem of the page.

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