I saw Zodiac tonight. It was the kind of movie we just don’t get enough of; namely, it kept me in its world for the entire running time, and I was sad to have it end.

“All good things must come to an end / the bad ones just go on forever”

One scene in particular was of note: the Zodiac killer is tying up a young couple lying on a beach. The woman tries to negotiate with this man, dressed in black, with a bag over his head (see picture below: the scene was very creepy). She says, of her male companion:

“He can help you…. He’s a sociology major!”

I can say that this line proviked rawkus laughter from myself and my two collegues (who are both sociologists). After the man and woman were tied up, they were both repeatedly stabbed. Can I have on record that I don’t want to die from being stabbed to death? It seems like a terrible way to go.

For whatever reason, the sociology line stuck with me through the remainder of the film. I started to see it as a metaphor for what I do: chasing something that I can never get my hands on, to the point that I start driving everyone in my life away (in a variety of ways) as part of an obsessive quest for… well, I am not sure of what. At a certain point, it becomes something bigger than a carreer.
This provoked the following questions: What drives me to push myself? What do I get out of it? Where is this going to take me, and how far will I get with it? What am I even chasing? If I find “it” – what then? Do I get to go home?

I am sure that these questions will haunt me until I die. I hope I remember to keep asking them.

4 thoughts on “Zodiac

  1. I get that there is no “it” to get… but I keep chasing “it” anyways. “It” being a cheap way to get across whatever “it” is that I am looking for. A part of my brain is too stupid to believe this anyway, maybe as a way to keep pushing, moving, working, etc.

    This is why I (we) never get to go home. Which kind of sucks if you think about it.

  2. We are taught in the sociological game there is an “it” out-there to find. In-here we are surrounded by textually-mediated truth games. So, of course you are going to feel this way. Does it liberate (in the sense of making you feel less frustrated with life) you to know this? Definitely not. But does “it” keep us going? Yah, unfortunately, I think so. Do we need to revision “it”? YES. Is it possible? I believe so. This is what careers and lives are made of.

  3. Boy, do you take things over the top, Paul. I honestly think everyone persues an ‘it’ their entire life. Isn’t that part of what keeps moving us all forward? Those I’ve met who aren’t moving towards something are usually on high doses of some medication or other. Also, always remember you can come home anytime you want to (being the simple person I am) – you always have a home

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