Dinosaur Jr.

Heads up….

Dinosaur Jr. are playing Calgary on May 25. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

Dinosaur Jr. were one of the first “Alternative” bands I got into, yet they really don’t get much play, aside from the song “Little Furry Things” – which I will never, ever get sick of. See for yourself.

In other concert news, Morrissey is planning a 40 date “North American” tour this summer… I will move heaven and earth to see that show.

Dinosaur Jr:

Little Furry Things 

Freak Scene

Feel The Pain

Almost Ready (brand new!)


3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Jr.

  1. yeah, apparently i just crawled out from under my rock and bought “You’re Living All Over Me.” naturally, i was blown away. naturally, im wondering how many rides down the highway couldve been transformed into bouts of ecstasy. but what other albums to buy? and, more importantly, what other bands?

    i was horrified to find out that among 3 major underground record stores in the east village, only one had a copy of this CD. even more disturbing is the fact that there is not a single copy of any Sebadoh CD in any of these 3 stores, and probably in all of the east village. how can that be?

  2. Did you know that this post is the #2 hit on google when you search “Dinosaur Jr Calgary”?

    Way to go dude. Also, isn’t Morrissey boycott Canada due to seal clubbing?

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