Friends, Enemies

The concert last night was alright. The people who get it, get it. The people that don’t, don’t. What I do isn’t for everyone, and when I am having an off night (like last night), it just compounds the problem. The fine line between “esoteric” and “fucking horrible” is fairly thin for me, and I was definitely walking that line.  When you play solo in a venue like “The Slice,” you just have to pray that some friendlies show up an clap, show some love etc. Which they did, so it’s all good.

I left in a good mood, woke up in a bad one.

Ran(!) into a bunch of old friends last night that I haven’t seen much of lately (or at all). Of note: the McKenna brothers, Niall and Brian. Niall and I were friends in High School, and then ended up doing Sociology degrees at the same time. He works for the CBC now, so I told him that I need to stay in contact with him because that is where I want to work too. Brian is Brian… funny how little people change over the years. One of those people that talk to you, but you see them constantly scanning the room to see if there is someone better to talk to (no matter who he is talking to).  He’s working as an artiste in Amsterdam, which is a pretty cool.

Saw Jenny, my old room mate and one time girlfriend. I don’t see her much at all, but last night I talked to her for a bit. It’s weird because we haven’t talked in so long, but I read her frequently updated blog, and told her I found it depressing. Which was funny because her next blog entry is pondering whether her blog is, in fact, depressing. Ooops. Bad case of bigmouth.

Today, I had to take Hayden to the ex-inlaws to see his uncle’s new baby boy. Awkward. Which is strange, because that awkwardness with me and my ex-bro and sister-in-law is fairly recent. There was an “incident” last fall with them moving, and I said I could help for a bit, and I did help, for two hours in between classes. They heard “a bit” and thought I agreed to help for the entire day, so now they smile at me through their teeth. Which I totally don’t understand at all. I am just happy I don’t have to deal with that from them much anymore.

Let’s see, who else can I shit-talk today?  I’m naming names. Drawing lines in the sand.

My course is going well, though I am a bit annoyed with some people who continually sleep through class, don’t participate, leave at the break, etc. I know this isn’t elementary school, and I shouldn’t give a shit whether people show up or not… I just take it personally in this setting. I am trying to do something different, inject some new ideas, ways of thinking, etc. Don’t get me wrong here: I totally heart a huge majority of this class. It is interesting knowing people more through their blogs than I do in real life… adds a way different dynamic. I especially love now when I make a face/blog connection… I get very excited inside.

Back to my books. They aren’t loving me back today.


4 thoughts on “Friends, Enemies

  1. Personally I loved the show, but then again, I love your class, so apparently I am some sort of outsider.

    This post is extremely relative to me, as I met Brian McKenna on Tuesday, and had a similar experience with him. When talking to him, it seemed less like he was looking for someone, more like he was looking out for someone. As if Nazi’s were going to jump out of nowhere.

    I guess I could relate about he Ex part of the post too, but I’m getting very good at ducking and weaving my way around hateful parents.

  2. I was so disappointed with The Slice crowd last night. Every once in a while I forget that bar crowds are straight up rude, and even though they pay a cover to enjoy a show they end up too involved in their own social interactions rather than the performer-audience interactions. It was hard for me to find a table of people that appeased my mood.

    I should have just sat beside Jeff, but I’m not sure how Mrs. Akolade would appreciate that ever since Kendra’s mom mistook him for my boyfriend (speaking of awkward…).

  3. Ha Martine that was funny (Kendra’s Mom).
    You should of just sat at our table and we all could of cheered whenever Paul mentioned our local landmarks!

    I’ve always had good times with Brian and spent many long nights recording with him and Ryan/John back in the year 2000. I missed him on Friday, though I talked with his brother which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I think I disturbed Niall with my bits of knowledge of the Mckenna family. I consider them local celebrities.

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